The Town of La Fortuna - Arenal Volcano Area

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Lying 4 miles (6.4 km) away at the eastern foot of the spectacular, Volcan Areanl, is the charming (little) tourist town of La Fortuna.
Recently this town has become quite the destination for volcano watchers from around the world. La Fortuna is the entry point to the road that connects the Arenal Volcano area to Lake Arenal and continuing on into Guanacaste. The magnificent Arenal Volcano is basically what put the former farming town on any Costa Rican traveler's map, and prior to 1968, it was solely a agricultural town. Now it is one of the premier tourist destinations in Costa Rica.

The history of La Fortuna and the Arenal Volcano have been connected since Volcan Arenal reared it massive head and awoke after a 400 year slumber and violently
erupted in 1968 with the largest eruption in its recent history. It had been dormant so long it was thought by the locals to be a mere mountain. Actually, Arenal is an almost perfect cone, soaring 1,633 meters above sea level and has a crater 140 meters deep formed over an ancient caldera.

La Fortuna is situated 75 miles (120 km) from San Jose. The drive from San Jose is about 3 hours.

The volcano dates back to about 3 million years ago. In 1968, Arenal (which means "sandy") spewed ash, rocks, and gas for 3 consecutive days and when the smoke finally cleared the nearby villages of Tabacon, Pueblo Nuevo and San Luis were no more. From this catastrophic tragedy, La Fortuna (meaning ‘the Fortune’), was born as the town center and village for the Arenal Volcano area and like moths to a flame, tourists from around the world started descending on La Fortuna in search of fiery night skies.

La Fortuna has grown leaps and bounds in recent years all due to the lucrative tourism industry. Farmers sold their land and cabinas popped up out of nowhere and even without an active volcano spewing smoke, ash and lava overhead, La Fortuna would still be a great place to relax and kick back for a few days.

Today, La Fortuna offers everything for the Costa Rica traveler, and despite the influx of tourists the town still retains that cool vibe and real Tico feel. Accommodations from the 5 star Springs Resort & Spa to a $5. per night hostel; and of course everything in between. Within La Fortuna, you will find restaurants, Internet cafes, banks, a medical clinic, souvenir shops, and the town center.

There is easy access to a whole list of ADVENTURE TOURS... It’s no wonder La Fortuna has become one of the top tourist destinations in Costa Rica.

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